Twice Upon A Time: International Premiere at the 70th Edinburgh International Film Festival

Twice Upon a Time by Niam Itani had a successful European Premiere at the 70th edition of the Edinburgh International Film Festival in Scotland. Four of the team members were at the premiere, making for a strong women presence at the festival. The film was chosen for the World Refugee Day and a panel discussion followed the first screening (full house), while the second full house screening featured a truly insipiring Q&A session with filmmaker Niam, in addition to Editor Sara Maamouri and Composer Suad Bushnaq.

The Curve: North American Premiere at SIFF

The Curve had its North American Premiere at the Seattle International Film Festival. We had a full house on our first night, and a semi-full house on the second. The Q&A session was incredibly inspiring with well thought-out questions. Great crowd, great organization. Thank you Seattle! PS This was the first time the composer, Suad Bushnaq, watches the film on the big screen! Donna Poppe, one of the harshest music critics at SIFF and a Professor Emeritus of music at Pacific Lutheran University, said she will vote Best Film Score for Suad Bushnaq's soundtrack.

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