My 'Prelude' for piano solo at the Hawaii Opera Theatre in Honolulu

Thank you to my fellow McGill graduate, Maikai Nash, for programming and playing my Prelude. This piece is very dear to my heart. Here's a little snippet about it, and a link to listen to me perform it on my first album, Thoughts. It was composed in 2001. I was in Damascus, Syria. One spring morning, I went to the Higher Institute of Music where I was a student and found that the rehearsal hall was empty. This was a large hall, with big brown-wooden framed windows that covered the top part of one wall. Through them the sun was shining real bright and I could see the blooming trees outside. My favourite teacher, Mr. Victor Babenko walked in and found me at the piano. He asked me what I was

How I Missed the World Premiere of Souvenir du Soleil

Friday night, after my turn at the orchestral recording session, I had to run to the airport to catch a red-eye flight to Hamburg in order to attend the world premiere of my piece Souvenir du Soleil. I arrived to the airport only to discover that Air Canada is refusing to issue me a boarding pass. Why? Because my return date, the morning of November 26, would be a day over the three months leading to my passport's expiry in February. So...apparently I'm not allowed to fly unless I come back on the 25th at the latest (which is the day of the concert!). I tried to find a flight that leaves after the concert but before the 26th, and couldn't find any. I thought, ok, if my Canadian passport isn'

World Premiere of my Symphonic Dance 'Souvenir du Soleil' by the Lüneburg Symfoniorkester

Souvenir du Soleil, my 12 minute symphonic dance for full orchestra, will have its World Premiere in Germany this weekend. It was commissioned by the Theater Lüneburg as part of the concert series 'East West Dance Melody'. Can't wait to hear it performed by the Lüneburger Symphonikerand conducted by Thomas Dorsch. Details below. ___________________________ Souvenir du Soleil (Memory of the Sun) What does the sun see during our lives? And if we were to ask her about her memories, what will she tell us? With her own rising in the East and setting in the West, she is a daily reminder of the cycle of life: birth and death, the only constants in this world. The sun is also a witness to everythin

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