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World Premiere of my Symphonic Dance 'Souvenir du Soleil' by the Lüneburg Symfoniorkester

Souvenir du Soleil, my 12 minute symphonic dance for full orchestra, will have its World Premiere in Germany this weekend. It was commissioned by the Theater Lüneburg as part of the concert series 'East West Dance Melody'. Can't wait to hear it performed by the Lüneburger Symphonikerand conducted by Thomas Dorsch. Details below. ___________________________

Souvenir du Soleil (Memory of the Sun)

What does the sun see during our lives? And if we were to ask her about her memories, what will she tell us? With her own rising in the East and setting in the West, she is a daily reminder of the cycle of life: birth and death, the only constants in this world. The sun is also a witness to everything else that happens between birth and death: life’s milestones and celebrations, successes and failures, happy moments and sad moments, displacement and settling down. Souvenir du Soleil is an orchestral dance that explores the sun’s memory of our lives. It’s a dance of life and death and everything that happens between them, reflecting the cycle of life which comes to a full circle that’s just as perfectly round as the sun itself.'

_________________________ November 24 at 8 pm: VERDO, Hitzacker (Elbe) November 25 at 7 pm: Libeskind-Auditorium, Lüneburg,

More details and ticket information:

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