"An incredible artist."  - The legendary Hans Zimmer


"Music as beautiful as the sadness of the night and the joy of the daybreak."  

-Marcel Khalifé on 'The Road to Jenin' from 'The Curve' original soundtrack.

"You've written some seriously beautiful music." 

- John Welsman, award-winning Canadian film and television composer (Road to Avonlea).


"A wonderful album- beautiful, moody, heartfelt- Bravo!"

- Beth Levin, internationally renowned and acclaimed American pianist, on Suad's piano album 'Thoughts'.

"Just listened to your Sospiro. Such a great piano piece with so much emotion but never tipping into the sentimental - always with an edge. You keep the listener engaged by the melodic content and just a little off balance with the harmonic density and Thelonious Monkish seconds. Very cool. Also you play it so beautifully."     - John Roby, award-winning Canadian jazz pianist and composer.

"Suad's music, which is of the highest professional quality, was ideal for my film. She was a delight to work with." -Kenneth J Harvey, award-winning Canadian filmmaker

"As a very harsh critic of film scores, I was very pleased with the musical score toThe Curve, which screened at the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival. Instead of trite melodies, it was a treat to hear original music that fit the storyline perfectly. It was neither understated or overdone...
The composer used string/wind/keyboard using an unusual mix of instruments that fit those categories; bouzouki, oboe and accordion. I can't wait to hear what Suad Bushnaq does in any future films."
- Donna Poppe, Professor Emeritus, Music Education, Pacific Lutheran University


"I had the chance to work with the talented Suad Bushnaq on my experimental film "Stadt, Licht & Bewegung". The film contains of three chapters, and she was responsible to compose the soundtrack for the second chapter "Licht (Light)". I couldn't be happier working with her, as she has a high level of professionalism and creativity. Not to mention that she is one of the few well-acclaimed female composers in the Arab world, and with her understanding of both Arabic and the Western music, Suad delivers a unique style, that one could barely find somewhere else." - Waref Abu Quba, Filmmaker.

"I am currently working with Suad as Music Composer for my feature documentary film, Twice Upon A Time. Suad is a very focused and dedicated composer. She is the type that wants to understand as much as possible about your project, get into the details and the feelings/emotions of it, and she performs based on those essential ingredients. Suad is easy to work with, she collaborates and adapts to the desired outcome with such flexibility, and -most importantly- she delivers on (or before) deadlines. I highly recommend collaborating with her." - Niam Itani, Filmmaker/ Producer



"Working with Suad was such a delight on all levels. I was looking for a little track online to fit with my crowd-funding video, then I met Suad. After we discussed the content, Suad surprised me with composing a perfect score for what I needed. She is very talented, has excellent communication skills, understands direction quickly and applies it beautifully. I will definitely work with Suad again, and I recommend that everyone else does too."  - Zaid Abu Hamdan, Filmmaker.




"Suad is the Music Composer for my recent documentary, Colors of a Displaced Identity. The documentary is a work in progress and Suad has thus far played a key role in setting an atmosphere that brilliantly conveys the film’s journey. Through her music, she effectively helped in cultivating the emotional aspect of the stories that I followed. I am very pleased with how mindful she is of every aspect of her work. I am equally impressed with how coherent her music is coming along with the visuals. I feel very content that I chose to work with her and I highly recommend her as a talented Music and Film Score Composer." - Areeb Zuaiter, Filmmaker & Producer




"I've had the pleasure to work with Suad Bushnaq on two of my documentaries. No, pleasure is an understatement. Working with Suad has been a chance, a transformation, an uplifting experience. Her music fits the criteria that I request as a movie director. Her professionalism is top-notch. But it is her passion and her eagernesss to help, and on a personal basis, help me produce and go beyond my comfort zone, that makes her a unique musician. I have had the privilege to interview Suad for Québec 60. I think the footage is self-explanatory: she is metropolitan, friendly, human." - George Karkour, Documentary Filmmaker