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Corvine trailer

Teaser trailer for the short film Corvine.

Ya Dow: Composed & orchestrated by Suad bushnaq

Night Trailer

Night has to trick the mother of the missing child into sleeping to save her soul.

Lovesick in the west bank Trailer

A Palestinian family hosts a young American tourist after a simple misunderstanding. But as chaos unfolds in their village, it doesn't take too long for them to become part of the absurd mayhem that immediately ensues.


Audrey rushes to get to a very important appointment, only to be interrupted along the way by a cheery deliveryman, her eccentric landlord, and her pesky ex-boyfriend.

Jasmine Road Trailer

A recently widowed western rancher takes in a Syrian refugee family in the small conservative town of Red River.


Tammy - Michelle Mcleod

CFC Actor Close-Up - a short film starring and created by Michelle McLeod. Canadian Film Centre Resident, 2018


Grandma Susu (80), her daughter Doaa (50), and her grandchild Saad (16) are forced to flee the Syrian civil war and live in diaspora, united by the desire to return home.


Lamma Bada Yatathanna 

Greta follows river

In a downward spiral after her sister Sasha’s death, Greta finds herself living in a city that is not her own, with a husband she barely knows. Abandoning both, she sets out on a cross-country road trip: a journey that mimics one she had begun with Sasha but did not get the chance to finish. Along the way Sasha joins Greta as a figment of her imagination, looking very much alive, helping her come to terms with her grief and her loss. Greta Follows Rivers is a drama about living through loss, finding light in the darkness, and celebrating those who are no longer with us.

Roads of Ithriyah

Ahmad (Shayan Bayat), a Syrian militant, wakes up with a concussion and realizes he can't recall what side of the war he was fighting for. As he is escorted back to the fight by a mysterious soldier (Bahram Heidari, voiced by Garry Chalk), memories of his mother Atifah (Mitra Lohrasb) and sister Safiyyah (Priya M. Kooner) begin to piece together the reasons he picked up arms.

Waiting In Urfa

"Waiting in Urfa" weaves together the stories of seven Syrian women in Sanliurfa, Turkey at the beginning of their new lives as refugees. Mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and grandmothers - these unidentified women speak of their love for the Syria they left behind and their despair for the Syria of future generations. In-depth interviews are accompanied by animated illustrations of everyday life in Syria before the war and the ensuing violence that drove the women to leave behind everything they loved.

Suad Bushnaq - DEMO REEL

A collection of work done during the 2018 Film Residency Program at the Canadian Film Centre.

Tight Spot

Shining the shoes of a walk-in customer, a shiner discovers his client’s dark secret.

Stadt, Licht & Bewegung (City, Light & Movement)

"Stadt, Licht & Bewegung" is an experimental / artistic film, which handles three concepts in three chapters; the city, the light and the movement in an experimental manner. The film uses the city of Darmstadt as the background for the scenery. The Film was shot through 18 months of interrupted work.

Setback of The Spirit 

The film "Setback of the Spirit", directed by Sa'ed Arouri, portrays the Palestinian cause through the life of a 'Jeddeh', a grandparent that finally returns with her grandson to one of the Palestinian cities after the demise of the occupation. She finds her home exactly as she left it. Her memory takes her back to 1967 where she remembers the last moments she spent in the house. In these memories she finds something completely unexpected.

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