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Ghadan in Vergara | Basque Country | Vergara Symphony Orchestra conducted by Alfredo Gonzalez Chirla

My Ghadan (Tomorrow) from Hakawaty (The Storyteller) Suite for Orchestra was performed by the wonderful Vergara Symphony Orchestra (Orquesta Sinfonica de Bergara) at the Safe Passage concert; a fund-raising event organized in collaboration with SOS Racismo, and which raised close to ten thousand dollars for the music integration programme of El Sistema Greece, in order to help child refugees from around the world heal and make new friends through the performance of music. We had a full house, and the concert programme as a whole was incredibly inspiring, with audience members coming to tears! It was an honour to have conductor and composer Alfredo Gonzalez Chirlaque conduct my piece twice. It was also an honour to receive a gift from the Mayor of Vergara, Elena Lete. This city was full of love, kindness, hospitality, breathtaking scenery, and scrumptious food! Here are a few photos from this memorable and magical concert.

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