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Toronto Orchestral Reading Session

I had the honour to be one of eleven Toronto composers chosen to participate in this year's Orchestral Reading Session. In two days I had to compose an orchestral cue for a scene from a TV show. Listening to the 50 piece orchestra of the University of Toronto play our pieces at the state of the art Revolution Studios was an experience like no other! My piece is called The Final Goodbye and I will be posting it soon on my SoundCloud after I get it mixed properly. Here are some photos from this wonderful day, which was a culmination of a week of rehearsals and session prep! Also, what an honour it was to have award-winning composer and president of the Screen Composers' Guild of Canada, the wonderful John Welsman, act as our producer for the day, and to have Jeff Wolpert and Sydney Galbraith of Desert Fish Studios as our recording engineers. Last but not least, it was equally an honour to have John Herberman conduct our music.

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