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The Borrowed Dress and (Out)Caste both screen at the Silk Road Film Festival in Dublin

Thrilled to announce that not one, but two films I had the honour of scoring: The Borrowed Dress by Leen Faisal, and (Out)Caste by Shilpi Shikha, are official selections at the Silk Road International Film Festival in #Dublin, Ireland in March! The Borrowed Dress already screened at the London International Filmmaker Festival, while OutCaste has already screened at The American Film Institute. in Hollywood, the Human Rights Film Festival in Barcelona, and will be screening at the Queens World Film Festival in NY as well as the Phoenix Film Festival. I've worked with phenomenally talented filmmakers from both genders and I loved working with all of them, but it's worthy to note today, since it's #FemaleFilmmakerFriday, that these two filmmakers are women who dream big and will make it big!

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